Customer Service Articles

Foreign language learning for business success
Simple foreign language learning can help improve business relationships.
By: Frank Middleton

Made To Order - 5 Ways To Add Value
The great thing is the start - to see an opportunity for service, and to start doing it, even though in the beginning you serve but a single customer - and him for nothing. -Robert Collier
By: Janice Hoffmann

Got Voice Mail?
Use voice mail appropriately and it can be an incredible asset for your business. Use it the wrong way and it will drive your customers away.
By: Lydia Ramsey

Can You Afford What Rudeness Is Costing Your Business?
Take a quick etiquette quiz and learn how much rudeness may be affecting your bottom line.
By: Lydia Ramsey

Unlocking the Value of Your Customers
One of the greatest thrills in business is acquiring a new customer. Many businesses are too caught up in the excitement of acquiring new customers that they do not spend enough time or money on unlocking the value of their existing customer base.
By: Kevin Sinclair

Working With The Disabled
Working with the Disabled - Use these tips to enhance your relationship without your disabled colleagues and clients.
By: Lydia Ramsey

Keeping Your Cool When The Customer Gets Hot
Providing excellent customer service is the only way to really differentiate your company from competitors. Follow these 4 steps to elevate your customer service and relieve yourself from a great deal of stress.
By: Lydia Ramsey

Using Buttons and Badges to Increase Customer Service and Business at a Restaurant
In the food service industry, advertising is critical. There are many ways to use buttons and badges in this industry. When the advertising budget is tight, a button maker will expand those precious dollars.
By: Greg Allison

Put Your Angry Customer at Ease
Angry Customer - Having to deal with angry and upset customers is by far one of the worst responsibilities we must face on a day to day basis in the world of sales and business.
By: Jay Conners

Turn Your Customer Complaint into a Positive
The last thing we want to hear during our work day is complaints from customers. However, it does come with the territory. Here are a few tips on how to turn your customers complaint into a positive.
By: Jay Conners

Customer Service Leads to Customer Loyalty
Customer Service Leads - All customers want and expect superior customer service, and it is all too important that we give it to them. Otherwise, our competition will.
By: Jay Conners

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