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How to Really Make Your Diet Work For You
First of all, you need to understand, that your body needs a proper Balanced Nutrition Diet, with a proper daily amount of: vitamins, proteins, minerals and carbohydrates...
By: Stanislav Karpunin

French Women Don't Get Fat - Book Review
Why don't French women get fat? Is it just genetics? The bestselling book French Women Don't Get Fat not only answers these and other questions, but teaches you how to live as healthy as they do.
By: Nicole Beck

How Lamb and Pears Can Help Your Food Allergy
Lamb and pears may appear to be a strange combination, but the reason they are chosen as part of a food allergy diet is because they are rarely indicated in allergies.
By: Jack Prime

The Stone Age Diet Solution
The dietary habits adopted by developed countries over the last centuries are largely responsible for many of the chronic diseases that are now commonplace in Western society.
By: Jack Prime

Alternatives For Cellulite Reduction
The following article lists some simple, informative tips that will help you reduce cellulite. This article can give you an insight into everything you've ever wanted to know about alternatives for cellulite reduction.
By: Nishanth Reddy

The Main Benefits of Endermologie
Cellulite. Those trapped pockets of fat near the surface of the skin that make your skin look bumpy and puckered. Unappealing to most, it appears in problematic areas such as the upper thighs, buttocks, and stomach where many fibrous bands exist to trap fat. Since these areas are slow to react to the benefits of exercise, once cellulite appears, it is often difficult and impossible for those affected to eliminate it. Unfortunately, it is a common occurrence in women even if they do exercise on a regular basis.
By: tk

Find a Weight Loss Program That Works For You
Millions of people struggle with weight issues every year-and despite claims that a wonder diet can "work for everybody", the fact is that each of those individuals have a medical history, a personality, or a lifestyle issue that affects whether or not that weight control technique will help them sh
By: Philip Nicosia

Lose Weight by Eating More -- Food that is Virtually Impossible to Store as Body Fat
Certain foods are extremely difficult for the human body to convert into body fat - not impossible but damned near impossible. By consuming calories derived from these foods, the anabolic margin of error is extended dramatically, which means it will be easier to lose fat and gain muscle, if you choose.
By: Marty Gallagher

How Much Does A Tummy Tuck Cost?
Most Tummy Tuck Surgery Cost anywhere between
By: Dennis Driscoll

Thinking of Getting A Tummy Tuck?
Here's What You Need to Know Before Getting A Tummy Tuck
By: Hanif Khaki

How Can Looking at Photographs of Tummy Tucks Help You?
How Looking at Photographs of Tummy Tucks Can Help Your Tummy Tuck Operation.
By: Hanif Khaki

The Obesity Solution Secret: How to Eat To Lose Fat
I used to interview elite bodybuilders on their training and eating for a living and did this for years and years. One reoccurring theme that kept popping up when talk turned to diet/nutrition was how much food top bodybuilders packed away on a daily basis.
By: Marty Gallagher

Eat More Pectin For Successful Weight Loss
Wouldn't it be great if there was a way to not feel so hungry all the time when you are trying to lose weight? Well there is a way and it's not some new fad either, it's something that's natural, has no adverse side effects and might be sitting right in your fridge - fiber.
By: Lee Dobbins

Getting Enough Fiber Is Important For Weight Loss
Fiber is an important part of a healthy diet, but did you know it can help you in your weight loss efforts?
By: Lee Dobbins

Eating Out Can Be Hazardous To Your Waistline
Going out to eat can really put the brakes on your weight loss program unless you have exceptional control over what you eat.
By: Lee Dobbins

Is Your Diet Colorblind?
Next time you have a meal, look at your plate - what colors do you see? If its mostly white and brown then your diet might be colorblind!
By: Lee Dobbins

Healthy Trans Fats vs. Unhealthy Trans Fats Revealed
I'm going to talk about something today that most of you have probably never heard...that there is a distinction between good trans fats and bad trans fats. There is some evidence that the good trans can help you with fat loss, muscle building, and even cancer prevention, while the bad trans fats have been shown to cause heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and the general blubbering of your body.
By: Mike Geary

Food Addiction Can Lead to Death
Food has been described as ambrosia and the elixir if life. For some, eating is a biological necessity for others it is a passion that can turn into an obsession. Experts define food addiction to be a disorder where the addict is preoccupied with food, the availability of food, and the pleasure of eating. There are three recognized addictions:
By: Paul Wilson

Eat Healthy and Lose Weight
If you accept the analogy that our bodies are like an engine, then it follows that this engine will perform better if it receives the type of fuel that it was designed to run on. In years gone by, before artificially processed and manufactured foods, our bodies normally received the correct nutritional balance every day.
By: Christopher Ayu

Low-Fat + Exercise = Weight Loss
Reducing your saturated fat intake is only part of the healthy body formula. You need to burn more calories than you consume in order to avoid having that excess food stored as body fat. That's where exercise comes into play.
By: Christopher Ayu

Can A Raw Food Diet Help You Lose Weight?
Raw foods are nutritious and delicious plus, low in calories and fat.
By: Lee Dobbins

Bariatric Surgery Things You Should Be Aware Of
When all other measures fail to control morbid obesity, weight loss surgery is a source of hope to the overweight. American doctors perform weight loss surgery over 140,000 times a year. The oldest form of weight loss surgery is the most familiar, stomach stapling. In this 30-year-old procedure, most of the stomach is sliced and then stapled shut.
By: Jamie Snodgrass

10 Ingredients in Weight Loss Pills
Looking for help with losing weight? Help that goes beyond the usual lifestyle changes, portion control advice and exercise routines? Weight-loss supplements touting names like "fat burner" and "thermo max" can be enticing. But do they work? And even more important, in the wake of the Food and Drug Administration's recent ban on ephedra, are they safe?
By: John Connory

Seven Keys to Permanent Weight Loss Success (Part 4 of 4)
Permanent Weight Loss - Relates to losing fat. After a serious of powerful exercises, they were asked to create an action plan based on what they learned in order to successfully lose fat and keep it off.
By: Jeremy Likness

The 3 Hidden Keys to Rapidly Burning Stubborn Fat
Burn Stubborn Fat - Reveals the secret power tips that athletes, bodybuilders, & fitness models use to burn maximum fat in the shortest amount of time.
By: Faisal Khetani

The 4 Tools We Need To Lose Weight
4 Tools to Lose Weight - Provides 4 essential and basic tools for weight loss. Nice article for overviews and motivation.
By: Lynn VanDyke

The Number 1 Way For Obese People To Lose The Fat
Strength training for the obese is the first step in taking control of your health. This article provides a positive starting point for strength training for everyone.
By: Lynn VanDyke

10 Super Tricks to Lose all the Weight you Want for Life!
Lose All The Weight You Want For Life - Getting back to basics as far as loosing weight is what it takes. Stop taking drugs that do not work and start investing in your education.
By: Randy Stafford

Omega 3 Fish Oil and Weight Loss
Omega 3 Fish Oil - Supplementing the diet with omega 3 fish oil (good fat) would increase the number of fat calories burned in a single day.
By: David McEvoy

How To Lose 20 Pounds REALLY, REALLY Fast
Lose Weight Fast - I want to lose 20 pounds of body fat in the next 12 weeks. I want to do it slowly, safely and healthfully and then keep it off permanently.
By: Tom Venuto

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