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A letter to my daughter
I wrote this for my daughter and simply wanted to share it with each of you. Everyday we read the same things. Today I wanted to share this with the community. I hope you enjoy the read.
By: Garret Belisle

How To Find Age Appropriate Toys For Children
Fond memories of childhood usually bring to mind a favorite toy. A cuddly doll, colorful crayons, or a special wagon are all childhood favorites. Toys bring a great deal of joy to children, but they also can be valuable learning tools.
By: Marina Neiman

Anniversary Party Planning
25th, 40th and 50th Anniversary parties celebrate the life of the couple. You can invite any one who's lives they have touched.
By: Naptime Productions

Is Your Family Really Benefiting When You Work at Home?
A look at what it really takes to make the most of the time you spend working at home when you're trying to be there for your family.
By: Stephanie Foster

Leaving Secrets: How to Create a Personal Instruction Manual for Life
Imagine if your great, great grandfather or grandmother had left you a book with their secrets for living. Maybe it contained nuggets of wisdom, yummy recipes, favorite jokes, or just insights for how to lead a good life. You can leave such a book for your own family.
By: Joe Vitale

Make the Right Move
America is always on the move-literally. Experts estimate that one out of five households move to a new residence each year. If you do the math, that amounts to a whopping 1.5 million moves every month. Those are some amazing stats, especially if you consider how trying and stressful such moves can be. It's a wonder that one household-let alone millions!-can pull it off.
By: Donald Lee

12 Essential Tips to Add to Your Moving Check List
Moving means umpteen things to be done -it is not about just putting things into boxes, taking them to another place, and unpacking there. The more complicated our lives get the more the things to be done before and after moving.
By: Paul Wilson

Park your garage sales on the Internet
You have been planning your garage sale for weeks now. Your garage, as well as you whole home, is stuffed with old records, books, clothing, vacuum sweepers, and other odds and ends that you have no use for anymore. Instead of just tossing your clutter into the neighborhood landfill, you've decided to hold one of the most time-honored traditions in civilization-the garage (or yard) sale. It can be a thankless task, becoming a pawnbroker for a day, but there's definitely good money in it-if you know how and, more importantly, where to organize your garage sale.
By: Donald Lee

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