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Yummy Yuletide Recipes You Will Love
The Christmas holiday feast is one of the most embraced of holiday traditions. Here are some terrific yuletide recipes to include in your festive holiday dinner spread.
By: Jeremy White

Christmas Goes Hollywood
There's nothing like a good Christmas movie to put you in the holiday spirit. You probably have a favorite or two. Do you agree with our top holiday movie picks?
By: Jeremy White

A Family Christmas After Divorce
Divorce can be hard for parents and children, especially during the holidays. Here are some tips to ensure that children of divorced parents have a holiday that is a happy one.
By: Jeremy White

Gifts that Never Go Out of Style
Gift giving doesn't have to be about finding the perfect tie or book, or even spending any money. There are gifts that you can give everyday from your heart. These gifts never go out of style.
By: Lori Radun, CEC

The True Meaning of Giving Thanks
Thanksgiving to kids may mean a day off from school filled with lots of treats. How can you make a holiday with no presents have real meaning? Discover some ways kids can experience the true meaning of "giving thanks".
By: J Gardener

Christmas Gift Idea - An Original Oil Painting
It wasn't as if the whole family had to pay for it. No one had offered to, although they would take part of the credit when the 25th anniversary gift was opened and exclaimed over and hung lovingly over the fireplace for all to see.
By: Allan Holder

Christmas Shopping with Kids
Christmas shopping with kids seems like an impossible feat. But with a little planning and patience, you can make the trip a little less stressful with these helpful tips.
By: J Gardener

What Will Be the Hottest Christmas Toys of 2006?
Wondering which toys will be the hottest Christmas toys this year? This article gives you the "inside scoop" on what toys you should watch this holiday season.
By: Noel Jameson

Gift Ideas for Babys First Christmas
Nothing is more exciting for a new parent than baby's first Christmas. The development of babies in the first year of life can be astounding making gift buying sometimes difficult. Here are some can't-miss gift ideas for infants.
By: Jeremy White

Reindeer Games
Much to the delight of children everywhere, reindeer really do exist! Learn some quick facts about these beautiful animals that you can share with your child the next he or she asks if Rudolph is real.
By: Jeremy White

Scrapbooks - The Perfect Gift
There is something magical about special occasions - it's no wonder that we call them special.
By: Ted Belfour

Halloween Activities for Kids
There are tons of interesting ways to entertain a child's imagination, including simple craft projects and games. Why not take advantage of the fun Halloween holiday by spending some extra time with the children and doing these activities together?
By: Nikki Phipps

Flowers as a Gift
The Bible teaches that we are to show kindness and consideration to one another. To send flowers on special occasions is a good way to express love and kindness to those who are special in our hearts. Practicing love and showing kindness are always a good thing...
By: Christ CK

Easy, Low-Cost DIY Costume Ideas for Halloween
Wouldn't it be nice if you could create your own costumes with little time or money invested? Well you can. In fact, there are numerous costume ideas that can be created yourself for next to nothing. Better still, there's little or no sewing involved.
By: Nikki Phipps

An Autumn Garden for Halloween
There's no better time to enjoy the spectacular beauty that nature has to offer than during the autumn season. This is an ideal occasion for entertaining friends and family, especially around Halloween. Why not take advantage of all the vibrant colors and stimulating textures that autumn provides by creating a garden themed around this exciting holiday.
By: Nikki Phipps

Peace and Hope for Mothers Day
To all of the mothers whose children are fighting in wars - and to mothers whose children are growing up with wars raging around them or with terrorism threatening their safety... Wishes of strength, peace and hope for this Mother's Day...
By: Nicola Kennedy

Cookie Bouquet
Many people like to send a cookie bouquet when it comes to birthdays or just thoughtful gifts. You can purchase a cookie bouquet online or at most bakeries and some times even a florist. However, they are not that hard to make and cost very little. In fact, they can be quite fun to make because they require a lot of creativity and vision.
By: Vigdis Tange Andersen

Romantic Things to Do for Your Wife on Mother's Day
You really want to do something that she will never forget.
By: Nicola Kennedy

10 Best Valentines Gifts to Give
World over in February young couples celebrate Valentines Day with laughter and promises of undying love. The celebration knows no barriers and whether 4 or 80 years old, people with hope treasure the phrase "Will you be my Valentine."
By: Paul Wilson

The Origins of Valentines Day
Every year February 14th is celebrated as a day for love, exchange of gifts, promises of eternal passion, and more. The inspired pen poems inspired by their love and admiration for the women of their dreams while others just go to shops and buy commercially available verses.
By: Paul Wilson

10 Great Gift Ideas for Mother's Day
Gift Ideas for Mother's Day
By: Cynthia Marcano

Special Easter Recipes
As Easter draws near, we're often left scrambling trying to find the right ham recipe for easter dinner, or even the right demi-glaze to make for that ham. What about dessert? Surely you're going to need a great dessert recipe, right?
By: Kael Geary

5 Unusual Gifts For A Friend
Finding an unusual gift for your friend could be troublesome . We found 5 item that could serve as an unique and unusual gift for your friends .
By: Andre Antoo

Popular Mens Valentines Day Gifts
Not sure what to get as a Valentine's Day gift for the guy in your life? Many people are in exactly the same situation, so don't stress yourself about not being able to come up with a great romantic gift on your own. This holiday is really about the love you have for each other, and how much you enjoy spending time together.
By: Giftlet Website

Traditional Southern Breakfast Recipes for Mother's Day
Make this Mother's Day unforgettable with one of these breakfast menus
By: Nicola Kennedy

Low Cost Gifts for Mom on Mothers Day
You don't have a lot of money to spend this year for her, but you want something special for your mom. Here are some ideas that will take little or nothing to get or make.
By: Nicola Kennedy

Mothers Day Quotes - A Lifetime of Love Doesn't End at 18
Here are just a few quotes from people that honored their mothers with these wonderful and memorable words about motherhood.
By: Nicola Kennedy

Easy Crafts for Kids Aged 3-5 to Make for Mother's Day
Kids are always wanting to make mom a gift for Mother's Day. They want something that is all their own, without much help from anyone, so here are some ideas that are both inexpensive and easy for them.
By: Nicola Kennedy

A City of 650 Bridges, Sauerkraut and 7 Christmas Markets
Plan your next holiday tour to the fascinating place Berlin. In winter 7 Christmas Markets are out in full force.
By: Mike Anderson

Christmas in Budapest
Find out how Hungarians celebrate Christmas in Budapest. Includes information on opening hours, public transport during the holiday and some Hungarian Christmas traditions.
By: Erzsebet Dobos

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