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Star Ruby - Eternal Gemstone
Star Rubies are magnificent gems display a sharp six-rayed star which seems to glide and shimmer magically across the surface of the gem when the latter is moved.
By: Harshil Zaveri

Men - How to Buy Diamond Jewelry
Choosing the perfect diamond jewelry for your loved ones is often very difficult. Five easy steps will help you find what you are looking for.
By: Maya Abitbol

Buying Jewelry Online: How To Choose The Right Company
There can be many advantages to buying fine jewelry online - with savings being one of the major factors.
By: Jill Renee

White Gold / Platinum Group Metals
Sometimes this is called white gold. Platinum is not just one metal, however
By: Peter Roberts

Diamond Replica Jewelry - Affordable Jewelry
Diamond replica jewelry has become a fashion trend these days. Its style and affordable price has made it popular among one and all.
By: Ken

Choosing the Right Engagement Ring For Valentines Day
Engagement rings are a symbol of a promise and a commitment for the future. They are highly romanticized and something that girls fantasize about, probably starting about the time they first notice boys. They will most likely change their mind more than several times, both about the boy they envision giving them the ring and about what the ring that symbolizes their engagement will look like.
By: Jamie Snodgrass

How To Care For Your Diamond Engagement Ring
Your engagement ring is a precious symbol of your eternal love learn how to treat it with care so that it really will last for eternity.
By: Lee Dobbins

Where Diamonds Come From
Learn how diamonds are mined and find out where the best diamond mines are located.
By: Lee Dobbins

Buying A Colored Diamond Engagement Ring
Buying a colored diamond engagement ring might not only get you a beautiful ring, but it might be a good investment too.
By: Lee Dobbins

Buying Diamonds For Cut, Carat And Clarity
We've all heard that cut, carat and clarity are important considerations when buying a diamond, but most of us have no idea what that really means. In this article, we will give you a little explanation of each so that you can be armed with a bit of knowledge the next time you buy a diamond.
By: Lee Dobbins

Canadian Diamonds - Why You Should Buy Them Now
he last Northern gold rush occurred in the late-19th century in the Yukon when tens of thousands of prospectors made their way to Dawson City to find their fortunes.
By: Kay Reimer

Information You Should Know When Looking to Buy Jewelery
or the average person looking at jewellery can be exciting, but confusing. What do all these terms mean?
By: Peter Roberts

Bridesmaid Jewelry - a Wonderful Gift
Eventually every bride gets to the point of planning when she must decide upon what jewelry her bridesmaids will wear for the big wedding day. In addition to that task, comes spending money on a budget. Staying within your allotted budget in some areas can be a hard and grueling task.
By: bonitaj

Men's Titanium Rings as a Fashion Trend
Are you buying a men's titanium ring as a gift? Are you thinking of getting titanium rings for wedding? Do you know the true meanings behind the metal as jewelry? Here is some general information for making such a decision.
By: Scott Murff

How to Choose the Perfect Ring
Find out how to choose the perfect ring to fit your lifestyle. Find out what fits better your type of hands & fingers!
By: Blue Crockatt

Cleaning Jewelry
Find out how to clean your sterling silver jewelry the best. Learn more about the best techniques & jewelry cleaning products on the market.
By: Blue Crockatt

Irish Wedding Rings
There are a number of Irish Wedding Rings that include Spirals, Triskeles, and Triquetas, Shield Knots and Sun Symbols. The most popular ring by far is the Irish Claddagh and it is surrounded by a romantic legend.
By: Martin Smith

Unique Handmade Jewelry
Find out why so many people are now turning to handmade jewelry instead of regular massively produced pieces.
By: Blue Crockatt

Bridal Jewelry - The Icing On The Cake
You have your dress, you've got your shoes, your hair style picked out; but you still need to "finish your look" for the big day. That is where your bridal jewelry comes in.
By: bonitaj

College Class Rings
Since the times when rings were created, people have worn them for a great variety of reasons; they have been symbols of different events, things and feelings.
By: Mike Daniels

Bridal Jewelry Sets
Finding bridal jewelry to complete your look for the big day can sometimes be a difficult task. You may find that in your searching you see a pair of earrings you like and a necklace, but there is no bracelet. Likewise, you may also find your bridal earrings and bridal necklace but together, the two pieces of jewelry do not match well. This is where the suggestion of pulling your jewelry accessory look together by purchasing an entire bridal jewelry set from one merchant.
By: bonitaj

Personalized Jewelry For Mothers
Looking for a great present for your mother, the woman who gave birth to you, raised you, and was there for you every step of the way? What can you give her that she would love, and at the same time would remind her of you, and her grandchildren?
By: Deal Girls

How to Pick Romantic Personalized Jewelry
Looking for a great romantic present for your wife, girlfriend or fiance? We recommend personalized jewelry - personalized jewelry is a very romantic gift and it could be personalized with different things, such as a name or the first initial. Your gift recipient knows how special she is, because the gift with her name or initial on it is just for them.
By: Deal Girls

The History of Rings
During the Medieval period is when rings became popular. All classes of people wore rings from the poorest to the richest. Rings were typically made of iron, copper, silver, and gold. The material of the ring worn usually indicated the class of the wearer.
By: Martin Smith

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