Relationship Articles

Addictions In Relationships: Addiction to Alcohol
There is no relationship that can breed more frustration and unhappiness than a relationship where one of the partners is an alcoholic.
By: Cucan Pemo

Experiential Exercises Teach You How To Love Intimately
Few people realize the power of experiential exercises. Fewer still know how to make full use of them. But those who do are able to unlock the reservoirs of positive energy present in their body.
By: Cucan Pemo

How to Keep any Relationship Healthy
With all of the advice out there on how to rebuild your relationship, why not look at tips to keep your already healthy relationship in tact?
By: Cucan Pemo

12 Ways to Show your Partner You Care
There are hundreds of articles and websites devoted to making sure that your partner knows that you love them.
By: Cucan Pemo

10 Ways to Rejuvenate your Relationship
Maybe you've been dating for a while and you just need to spice things up a bit. Every relationship needs a boost every now and then, but not everyone knows just how to do this so that both partners are happy again.
By: Cucan Pemo

7 Innovative Ways to Save Your Marriage
Are you in a tough spot in your marriage right now? Every relationship has its problems and its rough patches, but that doesn't mean that you need to give up when the going gets tough.
By: Cucan Pemo

Growing up: Wounds and Traumas Draw Unhealthy Relationships
Relationships are like physical magnets. That is why you find that most people who enter into a relationship are alike.
By: Cucan Pemo

What Does Your Woman REALLY Want?
The behavior of women is as much of a mystery to men as that of men is to women. However, one thing is certain.
By: Cucan Pemo

What Does Your Man REALLY Want?
If there is one question for which every woman wants an answer is what men want. This question crops up in the mind of every woman be it be a teenager going on her first date;
By: Cucan Pemo

How To Fix Your Marriage Without Professional Help
Marriages can have troubled times. Maybe it's because of infidelity or the quiet drifting apart of a long term marriage in any case, when your marriage is having tough times, you need help to make things right again.
By: Cucan Pemo

Sex Positions For The Best Sex Ever
This article provides information about the best sex positions for achieving orgasm.
By: Rod Phillips

Fight or Flight in Relationship Conflict
Conflict does not get resolved when the stress response takes over. Learn how to manage conflict in loving ways and to heal the fear that activates your fight or flight response.
By: Margaret Paul, Ph.D.

How to Focus on the Positive Qualities of Your Relationship
The quality of your life has a strong connection with how healthy your relationship with other people is. Learn what you can do to enhance your relationship.
By: Sonia Devine

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