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Understanding the benefit of biomechanics in Golf
There are many biomechanical reasons why you can't hit the ball a long way or you slice or hook your shots. Understand how biomechanics can improve your game, remove your weak shot and reduce your risk of injury
By: Andrew Loughray

How to maintain your golf carts batteries
Golf cart batteries are very important in running your golf cart or electric trolley. Ensure that you maintain them properly. This article explains their function, operation and maintenance.
By: Ken MacKenzie

Golf Training Products To Maximize Your Potential
When you think of golf training products do you think of training aids? Or do you think of products that work directly on some facet of your game... be it mental, physical or mechanical?
By: Mike Pedersen

Golf Accessories - Clubs Shoes Bags and More
OK, these used golf balls are more often than not name brand balls, but this does not matter. The beginning golfer, in learning how to hit the ball straight, keep it in the fairway, out of the woods and water, will go through dozens, if not hundreds of golf balls
By: J. Brian Keith

Golf Cart Accessories
Golf cars come in every shape and style. There are name brands that are well known and some that are obscure but each one is backed with guarantees and warranties.
By: J. Brian Keith

Finding The Perfect Golf Clubs
Length of the club is important, but it's not everything. The pros say that the size of your golf club's grip should be comfortable for your hands. That's why clubs for younger players and women often have a smaller grip.
By: J. Brian Keith

Golf Courses - Fun and Different Everytime
Another thing that makes the same course different every day is the weather conditions. Weather plays a big factor in golf, and how a course plays.
By: J. Brian Keith

Gadgets for Golf
There are tons of golf gadgets out there, mainly because of the incredible increase in popularity of the sport. The more people who are ready to play the game, the more they're all looking for ways to improve their game.
By: J. Brian Keith

The 3 Types of Golf Handicaps
There are 3 types of golf handicaps out there. They include: (1) honest handicaps; (2) sandbagger handicaps and (3) Hollywood handicaps.
By: Brian Yager

Buying the Best Golf Clubs for Beginners
A new set of clubs for beginners is really not necessary; in fact the higher end clubs can be a hindrance on your game. Golf is unique in the fact that the sport requires a group of instruments, and equipment to play in full. Many sports like baseball or basketball just require a few items that are used by an entire team. Golf being an individual sport this aspect changes into a need for the right set of clubs.
By: Jimmy Bonner

A History of Golf
What country invented 'golf?' Many countries did.
By: Doris Rush

Tee Off With Disc Golf at the Top of the Rockies
Disc golf is one of the fastest growing outdoor activities in America, with beautiful courses like the one found at the top of Winter Park Resort.
By: William Fisher

Dressing to Win Your Golf Game
Golf is about patience, vision, and what you wear. That's right, what you wear can have a major effect on your game. Golf is a unique game that doesn't always spell out a specific dress uniform for golfers, but if you aren't thinking about what to wear your game can suffer. Included below are some tips for golfers of any age, and a ability to improve their game by selectively choosing what they wear.
By: Jimmy Bonner

Mizuno Golf Clubs Reviewed
Mizuno Golf Clubs are looked at and tested from every angle. Did they pass the test? Stop in and see for yourself.
By: John Woods

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