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ArticleGeek.com was officially launched in August, 2005. Our goal is to create the best free online article directory for both authors and publishers. We are very knowledgeable about what it takes to build traffic to websites and how to build relevance in the search engines. Rest assured that your articles will be promoted and viewed often on ArticleGeek.com.

Mission Statement

To become the best free content sharing article directory by bringing together authors and publishers to form a mutually beneficial relationship.

How Authors Benefit

Why would authors want to give away some of their articles? Ever heard of the phrase "viral link building"? Here's how it works:

An Example:

  1. An author submits an article on ArticleGeek.com
  2. That article gets picked up by 10 different webmasters
  3. When those webmasters use your article they have to use the article unedited. This means that they have to include a link pointing to your website and a link pointing to ArticleGeek.com.
  4. The article author gets a couple different perks from this process:
    1.Since it was picked up by 10 different webmasters, you get 10 one way links to your website
    2.The number of potential readers has dramatically increased because your article is now on 10 different websites.
    3.Visitors that click on your link in your article are targeted customers, the best kind to have because they are interested in what you have to offer.
    4.As time passes, more publishers come to ArticleGeek.com to find content. Your articles continue to get picked up and reprinted, generating you even more links. In the process you are building your brand, establishing your credibility and getting more traffic and customers as well.
When authors submit their articles to ArticleGeek.com they are taking a very important step in the right direction. Your articles are going to be put in a central directory that makes them easier to find by the publishers. The editors of ArticleGeek.com are going to be aggressively promoting this website which means that your articles are going to be on highly optimized and frequently visited pages.

How Publishers Benefit

Publishers (editors, webmasters) use ArticleGeek to find free content for their websites, ezines, magazines, email newsletters, journals, blogs, etc. This free content is in the form of copyright free articles. Publishers are free to use these articles found on ArticleGeek.com, as long as they follow a few simple guidelines.

To grab the html or the text version of each article, simply click on the publish link found in the top right corner of each article.

Webmasters know the value of frequently updating their webpages. Finding good, quality content can be difficult. Finding copyright free content can be even more difficult. This is where ArticleGeek will benefit you. Browse through our directory for articles that you think will benefit your site readers and use these articles on your website.

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