Article Editorial Guidelines

To ensure that your article gets posted on please adhere to the following rules/guidelines:
  1. Use proper grammar and punctuation. We don't have the time to proof read and edit your article for you. You can include html markup to give our editors an idea of how you want the article to look, but that doesn't guarantee the article will be posted in that format. Our editors will use their discretion regarding format when posting articles.

  2. Don't use excessive self promotion or website promotion. Self promotion is one of the quickest ways to turn your reader away from the article and it will definitely not get picked up by others.

  3. No hyperlinks (and no affiliate links) are allowed in the main body of the article. You can provide a hyperlink in the Author Bio that appears directly under each article. Website addresses are allowed in the article body, just not in hyperlink format.

  4. Articles must be original, useful and informative. Remember, we do review them before posting them online.

  5. Only one outgoing link per article. This link is placed in the Author's Bio section.

  6. We won't accept sales letters, advertisements or press releases.

  7. We won't accept articles on pornography, profanity, hate material, violence or articles defaming an individual or business.

  8. We won't accept articles containing information that could be used to commit a crime.

  9. We won't accept copyrighted material. All articles must be free from copyright.

  10. Hiring someone to submit your articles or using one of those automated tools to submit your article is one of the worst things you can do. We can tell where articles are coming from and will not put them online if we detect that this is the case. Why is hiring someone a bad idea? Often times these people will use an automated tool to submit the articles and it is easily caught in the filter we have in place. It would be nice if we could accept these articles, but unfortunately, these automatic article submission tools have been abused by the spammers.

  11. If you have a spammy website, i.e. one strictly made for adsense or one of those cookie cutter sales pitch sites, you know the ones with the huge red fonts at the top, we have no interest in your articles nor are we interested in promoting junk on the internet. This would be considered linking to "bad neighborhoods" in our estimation. As soon as someone clicks the link inside the article to one of these spammy websites, your credibility is gone and we can guarantee that no one will reprint that article.

  12. Acting like you're linking back to us when submitting an article, when in fact you're really not, is the quickest way to get ALL of your articles deleted. We don't have time to mess with liars and we definitely don't want to help promote their websites. A little bit of common sense here goes a long way.

  13. Read the Article Writing Tips article to get more tips.

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