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How To Pass Your Online Course From Home
These courses are offered for many areas of study that are generally learnt at alternate educational facilities. These are things such as public speaking, personal development, personal training, consultancy and hundreds more.
By: Mike OBrien

How to Choose a Legitimate Online Education Institution?
Online education is one of the best things that the internet has to offer. Thanks to online education, people who would have never thought they could get the education they have always dreamed of are now achieving their educational goals.
By: Harris Jhosta

Advantages of Home Schooling
Many parents have lost confidence in the public and private education system. In addition to the reality of overcrowded classrooms, unqualified teachers, outdated textbooks and learning materials, parents are worried about the safety of their children.
By: Kris Koonar

Online Bachelor's Degree
Today, the world has become very competitive and so as the importances of education. So there are many reasons why people are seeking for online bachelor's degree.
By: Kateri White

Dont Get Left Behind - Reach Your Goals
According to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), 86.5% of all students graduate high school. What happens to the other 13.5%? Gone are the days when you could get by without a high school diploma.
By: Heather Brunson

Why the Education System Is Broken
Worse, if you listen to your child after a long day at school you may also get an uncomfortable feeling. Yes, it does seem that the educational system is broken
By: Kris Koonar

Choosing An Online University Degree
Today hundreds of universities and colleges offer online programs that range from improving your basic skills all the way to graduate study courses.
By: Kateri White

Online Degree Programs
An online university degree can help to increase one's chances of earning a higher income from a job, instead of settling for a position that will limit them because of lack of education.
By: Kateri White

Why Distance Learning Degrees - 3 good reasons
If you're uncertain about what a distance learning degree can do for you, or whether it's the way to go, this article will give you food for thought.
By: Roger White

E-learning - Singing from the same hymn sheet
E-Learning - its not about technology, Its about communicating your ideas and procedures and getting it into the heads of the recipients, after all, it is they who will put it into action. Say it once, loud and clear and then let them test themselves on their understanding of your message.
By: Anthony Fallon

Nursing Continuing Education For the 21st Century
Nursing education provides the basic building blocks of medical, scientific, and nursing knowledge, but competence in the nursing profession requires an ongoing process of continuing education. How does the busy working nurse find the time or courses though?
By: Sara Ellis

Applying To Colleges And Universities
When applying to colleges and/or universities, it is best to do so as early as possible. The earlier you apply, the better chances you will have of being accepted into your program of interest. As expected, many college courses fill up quickly, which is why early applications often stand a better chance of acceptance.
By: Aurel Radulescu

Parent or Student Loans: Which is the Best Option?
Getting a university education is an expensive proposition. In fact, about 20 per cent of college students will need some form of financial help in order to pay for the expenses they will incur in school.
By: Mark Saunder

Federal Perkins Loan
The Federal Perkins Loan used to be known as National Direct Student Loans (NDSL). This loan is the regarded as the best of the federally subsidized loans, and is given to students who are in high financial need. Currently, the interest rate is at a low 5%.
By: Jason Hahn

What Is School Accreditation?
In general terms, accreditation is the means by which a school is officially recognized as a provider of a satisfactory education that public institutions (i.e. employers) can trust.
By: Jason Hahn

To BSN or not to BSN - That is the nurse's question!
Nursing is a dynamic profession and lifelong learning is essential for nurses to stay current . The needs of our patients are changing, as we must change in order to be prepared to better serve that need. An argument in favor of the BSN degree as the entry to nursing practice...
By: Sara Ellis

Educational Breaking Grounds
With the internet flooding with new knowledge and resources on not just a daily basis, but on a second by second basis, why are we limiting ourselves to the possibilities of a better education outside of the classroom?
By: sam ready

Exemplary Online Learning
As the demand, and supply, for online learning and distance learning of all kinds continues to increase, it's fascinating to look at what a fully developed and highly acclaimed online university is like.
By: Richard Keir

Why is Online Learning so Popular (and is it for me)?
With the job market growing ever more competitive, and employees being expected to continually develop themselves professionally (whatever their profession), 'lifelong learning' has become a necessity
By: Tanja Gardner

Brain Power
If you introduce your child to a 2nd language now you will be giving your child a tremendous advantage in learning and life!
By: Bob Lasseter

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