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Quickly and easily add fresh content to your website using ArticleGeek's RSS feeds or any external feed! We all know how search engines like updated content. All of our article feeds are updated frequently, so give your website visitors what they want - fresh content!

Display an RSS Feed Directions
Complete the form below and then use the preview button to see what the iframe will look like. Then, if you like the preview, hit the "Get Code" button below and copy and paste the iframe code anywhere you want it to appear in your webpages. We've configured the article links to open in a new window so visitors never have to exit your site to view the articles.

Try changing the different settings until you get the feed to match your existing content. It's as simple as that to display an RSS feed on your website!

If you are having any problems working with this form or if you have ideas on how we could improve it, shoot us an email: email

Detailed Directions:

  1. Using the form below, select an article geek feed from the drop down box OR enter an external xml feed.
  2. Change the settings below for font, color, borders, etc.
  3. Click the preview button and check out how the feed will look.
  4. If you're satisfied with the preview then click back to this page and click the "Get Code" button.
    If you're not satisfied go back to step 2.
  5. Copy and paste the code into your webpage where you want the feed to show up. That's it!
ArticleGeek RSS Feed Parser  
Select an ArticleGeek RSS Feed:


External Feed URL
Number of articles to display:
0 - 99
Link Color:
6 digit hex code,
example: FF0000
Click Here to Pick up the color
Text Color:
6 digit hex code,
example: 000000
Click Here to Pick up the color
Background Color:
6 digit hex code,
example: FFFFFF
Click Here to Pick up the color
Font Size:
0 - 99
Font Family (style or font face):
Arial, Verdana, Tahoma, etc.
iFrame Height:
0 - 9999
iFrame Width:
0 - 9999
iFrame Scrollbar?
iFrame Border?

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