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Where to Find Images for Church Website

By: John Smith

Now that you have already downloaded one of our free Christian templates, the one that you loved most, you want to customize it to fit your church. You want to replace the logo, to change the text and to replace the pictures with real ones.

If the logo is something that you already have, the text will be also something that you will be able to produce all by yourself, one single question still remains: where to take pictures from, in order to replace the ones already placed in our Christian template.
Well, there would be many answers because there are also many possible situations. For example, pictures with your church. Those pictures may be taken by you or by a professional photographer hired by you for this purpose.

While the quality of the pictures the professional photographer would produce will be higher in most of the times, price may be a problem for some low budget small churches. Maybe you could also take those pictures. Just find a digital camera and a sunny day and take pictures of your church. You should however remember some things: don't take pictures of your church at noon. Better to use morning light, around 9 o'clock or afternoon light, around 5 o'clock. Also remember to capture your church from the side, the pictures get better this way. Actually, what you can do is to spend a short while on a photography site to learn a few basic rules about photography. Then, armed with courage and patience, go and take pictures of your church, I bet the results will be great!

Ok, now that we have pictures with your church, you would like some great, professional religious pictures that you just can't take. You realize it is far too complicated for your moment skills! Don't worry! There are plenty of image collections where you can purchase low price, high quality religious graphics.

Try for example sites such as,, or general purpose sites like and where you can find great religious content also for a good price.

Also consider taking pictures of your church members and pictures of your priest in order to give a bit o realism to your site for all those people that know your church! It will be great when they will see people they know! These are a few basic ideas that I am sure you can expand. Search a bit on the internet for Christian graphics, Christian resources or Christian design and you will find plenty of resources, some of them even free!

God bless you!

Author Bio
John Smith is the editor of , source of free Christian templates and church templates, Christian news and events

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