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JP's Cartoons and Freedom of Speech!

By: Khalid Osman

Comment on the Cartoons of Prophet Muhammad published by the Danish newspaper "Jyllands Posten" and caused a lot of political and economical problems. Some people are speaking here and there about the freedom of speech.

No, I don't think that there's a relation between the cartoons and the freedom of speech.


Because any cartoon has an only one phase to criticize things. It holds a point of view that's not discussable. Its technique has only one message to impose that point of view.

The end point for the recipient is to accept it or refuse it.

In our case, Jyllands Posten's Cartoons here is against religious beliefs and that's the crisis on it.

As a journalist with more than 30 years in press and in defending the freedom of speech I am obliged to say all religious beliefs should be respected. That doesn't necessarily mean untouchable.

If we're discussing those beliefs on articles, reportages or interviews that's something else. This is simply because anyone with a reversal opinion to that kind of topic can write or speak about it. We'll be dealing by words here. But have you ever heard about replying to an antagonized cartoon by another cartoon?

The press should lead and sophisticate the people. This is its utmost morality. Now in the same area as a response to those cartoons, a newspaper published some cartoons about the Queen of Denmark. I think there's no logic on them too.

I think that "journalism" as a noble profession should not open the door to humiliation and hatred.

If any journalist has an open vision to the International Culture and that's to say, those cultural backgrounds on the Globe from the Middle East to the Eskimo and from the Eskimo to Siberia, he'll never make a cartoon of a profit with a bomb. Not Muhammad, not Jesus, not Moses.


That's simply because those prophets although they were human beings, but they were and still respected and followed worldwide.

I wonder; if we do honour some people in high ranks or hierarchical systems why not honour a prophet?

I don't think that Jyllands Posten's Cartoon has a logical point of view. In stead it has damaged human, political and economical results.

One of the most significant infringements even to the Danish principles about the pacifism between man beliefs is that, Jyllands Posten's Cartoons respect neither the Muslims' beliefs overseas nor those beliefs of the Muslims who are living in Denmark.

The question now is that, has that journalist seen the impact of his work before hand or not?!

Journalism has a predictable message too! Well, I should say any journalist should have this 6th sense to this profession. Unfortunately some media sources in our World today employ even university graduated journalists without a global vision.

That's hurtful!

In regards to the Danish PM's refusal to meet the Arab Ambassadors, I think that's what has fuelled the crisis of the cartoon. At that stage the PM had an open chance to cool down the problem. But he came lately to say on the BBC and CNN the "debates are better to solve the problem" though he shared the responsibility on creating it.

I wonder about the credibility and transparency of both the journalist who represented the cartoon and the "Prime Ministering" ones.

Author Bio
Khalid Osman is a journalist, a teacher and a webmaster at, and

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